First Bitcoin ETF Begins Trading

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With that in mind, I urge you to examine them in more depth with your specific needs and wants in mind. As you can see, there are futures trading markets available on a wide variety of asset classes. You do, however, need to check what the minimum trade size is and how many instruments are contained within each contract. And even more importantly – you need to check what your liability is in the event you are still holding the contracts once they expire.
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Still, the debut of a futures-based Bitcoin ETF is cause for celebration. It represents a significant evolution in the advance toward a fund based on bitcoin spot prices. Of course, investors can always top up their initial margins to keep their positions open for longer in the hope the market moves the other way, but, again, this adds additional capital risk. Once trades are closed the margin that was being used for that trade is no longer needed and that margin is now available if the trader wants to place another futures order. Another way to exit a trade is to monitor price in real time and place an order to exit, using market or limit order, when price reaches a specific level. In the next scenario, the trader is looking to protect their position from excessive losses as a result of the S&P 500 declining below 2,600.
This is most likely the case as the majority of large investment houses are still assessing the risks of gaining exposure to a decentralized digital currency such as bitcoin. Bitcoin futures trading volumes have remained comparatively low at both the CME and the CBOE. At both exchanges, the January expiry contract is the most popular and is experiencing the most trading volume while February and March contracts are seeing very little trading action. The CME offers monthly BTC futures contracts for six months and additional quarterly contracts for each of the four upcoming quarters. CME Group also offers an additional December contract if only one is listed.