45 Back to School Swag Ideas for Every Grade Level

Have your students get family members and friends to sponsor them in the read-a-thon. For every 15 or 30 minutes the student spends reading outside of school, they’ll donate a certain amount of money. A love of reading can help your students be successful throughout their education. If you want to help your students practice their reading skills and raise money, consider planning a read-a-thon. Find a group of dedicated parents to take part in fundraising efforts and volunteer at various school events throughout the year with an established parent volunteer program.
As a student, parent, educator, volunteer, or staff member, you likely have your fair share of experience when it comes to fundraising ideas for schools. You might be pumped to get started with your school’s next campaign. Either way, choosing the right school fundraising ideas can make a world of difference in terms of engagement and revenue.
Depending on the fundraising software you use for your school, you can have a whole ecommerce store set up for you, no DIY necessary. This store will run around the clock, raising revenue for key programs that might not have enough traditional funding. Discover how easy it is to get started with one of the most powerful fundraising tools available. The PTA/PTO can sponsor a fun run, such a one mile or 5K, and invite parents, students, teachers and the whole community to participate.
And you could make additional money by selling cakes and refreshments. This fundraising idea is not only “aww”, but can help your Humane Society create and foster strong business relationships. Not to mention that alleviating stress is a huge perk that many employers wish to offer to their employees. Sure to attract a crowd, this animal shelter fundraising idea combines education and fundraising.
Are you looking for better band fundraising ideas this school year? Are you tired of going back and forth looking for a volleyball fundraiser? The buck can stop, and be made, here with volleyball scratch cards. This fundraising idea is sure to net your team a big profit. Of course, you know that the day to day life of a school student or teacher is very busy.
Check out our features and see what you can do with an online donation processor of your own. Open up your studio or rehearsal space to the public and invite non-dancers of all ages to come and have some fun! Make non profit fundraising ideas by offering a selection of dance classes where participants learn simple moves and short choreos taught by your dance team.