26 ways for schools to raise funds and have fun!

One of the most popular virtual fundraising ideas, especially for younger generations, is a viral video challenge. You can challenge your team members and supporters to complete a unique activity, such as a three-point challenge or dunk challenge. Spark some friendly competition among community members by hosting a basketball tournament fundraiser.
Schools of all sizes increasingly rely on their PTOs to help provide unique events and essential resources for their students. While PTO fundraising can definitely be a challenge, there are plenty of ways to raise money for your school and recruit the support of your broader community. We offered a good variety of Valentine’s Day fundraising ideas for schools that really do work.
Parents will feel relaxed and appreciated and therefore be more open to giving. Working with a dedicated product fundraising company can simplify every aspect of the fundraising process. While there are certainly tons of fundraising companies to choose from, we recommend ABC Fundraising.
Sites like Facebook and GoodSearch make it easy for people to set up an account, browse the internet like they normally would, and raise money for their favorite organizations. Solicit donated prizes from local businesses, promote your event, and register contestants. Pet costume events and parades make great additions to other kinds of public fundraising events, like fall festivals. Consider organizing a craft festival fundraiser for your community! This fundraising idea has the potential to raise a lot of money and can be fairly inexpensive when planned carefully.
Instead of everyone purchasing new dresses for each dance, invite people to donate their used dresses to be sold to other students in a dress drive. Invite families to bring in any shoes that are no longer the correct fit, then the school can hold an event to sell these shoes to other school families or community members. Calendars are such a practical thing for households, especially the families of students that need to keep up with all the events and activities throughout the year. Now, school fundraisers ideas can find all kinds of options for product fundraising. Plant sales are popular, especially before the holiday season with wreaths and poinsettias and in the Spring, which seeds and starter plants.
Not all parents can spend that much time reading to their children, and those children find school more difficult than their peers. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can contact your local library or public elementary schools to see if they already have a volunteer reading program. If not, ask if you and some friends can come to read to the children after school. The ABC Fundraising® High Profit Snack Fundraiser is a fun and easy way for a Choir to raise money. With up to 70% Profit & No Money Up Front, this Choir fundraiser is great for Choirs with as little as 10 members participating. We provide each member of your Choir with 1 order-taking brochure and ask them to approach friends, family and neighbors.
Partner with local cafes or restaurants and have them put up two jars (one with “Cats” written on it, and one with “Dogs”). Guests will then put coins in one of the two jars, “voting” for either cats or dogs. While this fundraiser might tough to organize in the beginning, the more you work with the business, the easier it gets. You can even ask the employees to help with the setup and clean up. Have programs in place where a person can sponsor a specific animal in your shelter for a month. Make this a recurring giving program, with the opportunity for the person to cancel the donation any time.
These events can boost self-confidence, increase awareness of foods and cooking methods from other cultures and help students appreciate the culinary arts. You can pick a different meal to cook every week — get creative! Then, hold a pajama day at your school, where everyone wears their pajamas all day long! This is a fun way to raise money for your school and get everyone involved.
If your budget won’t allow you to serve food, inform participants of potluck and BYOB (bring your own bottle) policies. Charge for entry or a specific price for a set number of games, and then make sure to set aside funds for the prizes of winners. Write personalized letters to local businesses and larger corporations asking if they’ll sponsor your team / club. Have brackets for all age groups to boost numbers, and charge teams or individuals to participate in the tournament. For coaches, it’s a chance to connect with kids who they might coach in the future, as well as their parents. Use online platforms such as SpreadShop and Printful to create your custom designs and get all your merchandise delivered.
Finally, your facilitator will send you a check based on the number of pairs of shoes you collected. Community members can chip in with this low- or no-cost fundraising idea. Ask local residents to host a yard sale and donate some or all of their proceeds to your fundraising campaign. People will be happy to rid their homes of things they no longer need, freeing up funds for a good cause. With peer-to-peer fundraising, you recruit your most active supporters to host individual campaigns.